City of Tolleson Mission, Vision and Core Values


The City of Tolleson provides an inclusive, healthy, safe affordable place to live, work, play and raise a family.


The vision of the City of Tolleson is to be financially sound to fund reliable programs and services.  We support leadership development opportunities for all.

Core Values

We provide and engage with all members of the community. Display kindness to one another through words, actions, high quality service delivery and environmental integrity.

We work together to accomplish common goals. Develop relationships with community partners that are strategically specific for community members. Engage the community for proactive, ongoing dialog.

Foster fairness and compromise to ensure that every part of the City is taken care of and all community members have the opportunity to succeed.

The City of Tolleson is stronger because all of its diverse voices are heard and included. We meet our community members where they are at and we leverage individual strengths to help one another succeed. We are a united front.

We inspire one another through family, generational leadership and commitment to each other. We amplify one another to cultivate greatness.