Voting Assistance

Maricopa County voters may request braille or large print ballots by calling (602) 506-1511. Voters who need assistance due to a confining illness or disability may request a Special Election Board. Call (602) 506-1511 or email for more information and include your full name, residence address, contact information and date of birth for verification purposes. 

Accessible voting devices are available at all voting locations, as well as curbside voting for voters who are unable to leave their vehicle due to physical limitations. Call (602) 506-2307 when you arrive at a voting location. Any voter requiring assistance may also bring a person of the voter's choice into the voting booth, except a person who is a candidate appearing on the ballot (other than a precinct committeeman) as they are not permitted to assist the voter. At the request of the voter, two Poll Workers of differing political parties may also assist the voter in casting a ballot. A minor is also permitted to accompany the voter into the voting booth.