Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program

  • Polluted storm water is a large problem affecting the nations communities
  • It is the leading cause of deterioration for nearly 40 percent of the nations water bodies that don’t meet water quality standards
  • While the City of Tolleson only receives seven to nine inches of rain water a year, we all must do our part to help keep the storm water runoff clean
  • Unlike a sewer system that carries water to wastewater treatment plants, the runoff from a rainstorm flows untreated into parks, retention basins, and rivers
  • Polluted storm water can cause all types of environmental damage
  • In order to learn more about how you can prevent storm water pollution, please download the City's Storm Water Pollution Prevention Brochure
  • A Spanish version of the Storm Water Brochure is also available
  • For additional information on preventing storm water pollution, please visit the STORM homepage
  • STORM is a group of local municipalities dedicated to teaching about storm water pollution prevention
  • If you plan to perform construction within the City of Tolleson, please visit the ADEQ Storm Water website for further information
  • Please visit the ADEQ website for a checklist for developing a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan for your construction site
  • Water Conservation Information Water Wise
If you own a business, please visit the EPA’s Best Management Prac􀆟ces website, to learn what you can do to prevent stormwater pollution.