Calling 9-1-1

There are many things you as citizens can do to help the Fire Department help you and other citizens in the community. Whenever there is a fire or a medical emergency, providing as much thorough information as possible is critical in saving time and lives.

Call 9-1-1 FIRST!

Please do not respond to or call the fire station, as the crews may be away helping other people.

A computer will send the closest appropriate unit to your location.

Remember that crews are often out of the station.

This will ensure that you receive the most timely response possible.

What happens when I call 9-1-1?

When a call is received the operator will say “What is your emergency?” 

You need to stay calm and provide brief, concise information regarding the incident.

The closest unit will be sent to ensure that help arrives as soon as possible. 

There may be a possibility that more than one unit will be sent to the scene.

Here are some tips for calling 9-1-1. Reading these now may help you when an actual emergency occurs:

  1. Stay calm. Speak clearly. Emergency units (police, fire or ambulance) rely on the information you give to get to you as soon as possible and to be able to help you.
  2. Give your address and phone number. Many 9-1-1 systems automatically display your address, but most cellular phones do not. Your address is vital information. We cannot help you if we don’t know where you are.
  3. Quickly and briefly describe your problem. As soon as we know what you need, we will know who (police car, ambulance, fire truck) to send to help you. Get to the point as soon as possible.
  4. Describe yourself. Tell the 9-1-1 operator where you are and what you look like, including what you are wearing. We want personnel who are arriving on the scene to know who they can contact.
  5. Listen to the 9-1-1 Operator. Answer their questions and follow any instructions. Remain on the line until the 9-1-1operator says it is okay for you to hang up.

9-1-1 Hang Ups

If you accidentally dial 9-1-1, please stay on the line and let us know that.  If we receive a 9-1-1 hang up, we will call the phone number back.  If we are unable to make contact, we will send personnel.  If we make contact with you and you say everything is fine, that’s usually the end of it.  However, on occasion we may still send personnel to do a welfare check on you.