Submitting Evidence

Proper ways our citizens can submit evidence to the police department

Email should never be used for evidence due to proper handling, size, and the way Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests work.

The best way for one of our citizens to submit evidence is to contact an officer to create an incident number.  
Once an incident number is created, the officer can provide the citizen with a link to the Axon Citizen Portal where the citizen can upload all the evidence they have.
If it is just suspicious activity that a citizen has recorded on their cell phone, they can download the Neighbors by Ring app on Google Play or the Apple App Store. This will alert everyone else in the neighborhood to the issue as well as the Tolleson Police Department.
If the citizen wants to remain anonymous there are two methods that they can submit information.  
The first and best method is Tip411 which can be found at 

The second way they can submit tips is via the Maricopa county founded Silent Witness which can be found at
Silent Witness also pays up to $1000 ($2000 for a homicide) for information that leads to a non-drug felony arrest or indictment.  
Felony drug crimes can still be submitted through Silent Witness but may not be eligible for the cash reward.