College & Career Center

Tolleson College & Career Center 

Mission Statement: The City of Tolleson Parks & Recreation College & Career Center exists to prepare youth in Tolleson age 12 to 18 for college and career readiness. Utilizing a plethora of online and in person resources, teens will be able to figure out what they would like to make of their future. The College & Career Center will focus on college access and workforce development to encourage Tolleson youth to pursue their dreams. 

College Access:


How to create a FASA ID?

            Scholarships Board (coming soon)

Scholarship Links on FASA website

            SAT/ACT Prep- (coming soon) 

            College Essays- (coming soon) 

Workforce Development:

            Resume Writing- (coming soon) 

            Job Interview Prep- (coming soon) 

Teen Job Board- (coming soon)