Teen Council

Mission Statement: The Tolleson Teen Council will utilize its ability to motivate and foster leadership among our youth population to create excitement and provide opportunities that will ensure the betterment of our community.

Purpose: To connect teens with caring adults, provide them with meaningful roles in city government and allow them to contribute to the progress of our city.

Membership: The Teen Council consists of elected officials and general members. Both are required to be between 7th and 12th grade (at least a sophomore to run for Teen Mayor) and enrolled within the Tolleson School Districts.  Officials can hold office for 3 two year terms.  A student may run senior year and finish his/her term as a freshman in college, as long as they are elected prior to their 18th birthday.  General members can join by attending Teen Council general meetings. 

Elected Officials:

  • Melissa Ayala, Mayor
  • Aaliyah Brambila, Vice Mayor
  • Abigail Avila, Elected Official
  • Kaiden Fesler, Elected Official 
  • Dayanara Inzunza, Elected Official 
  • Yaniz Ortega, Elected Official
  • Vacant, Elected Official

Meetings: Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 4pm. Events as planned, dates and times will vary.