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Boards and Commissions Application

  1. Application for all Tolleson Board and Commissions

  2. Commission members appointed by the City Council must be eighteen years of age or older and reside within the City of Tolleson.

    Please keep in mind, that due to the postal service, many residents in Phoenix may have a Tolleson mailing address; so they do not reside in Tolleson. The City that provides your utility services is the City you reside in. View the Tolleson Boundry Map at

  3. Board and Commission Descriptions
    • Planning and Zoning Commission - Serves to analyze, review and make recommendations to the Council regarding land use and development-related issues.
    • Public Safety Personnel Retirement System Board - Serves as an advisory body to the members for the purpose of administering and making the provisions of the retirement system for police and fire.
  4. 1. I am interested in serving on the following Board or Commission:*
  5. 2. Are you currently a member of a Tolleson Board or Commission?*
  6. 3. Are you a resident of the City of Tolleson?*

    (Please refer to the attached Tolleson Boundary Map)

  7. 7. If appointed, how much time would you be able to devote for meetings or projects and events?
  8. 8. Would you be available:
  9. During the day?*
  10. In the evening?*
  11. Acknowlegement*

    By selecting this box, I understand that this application is considered a public record. The City Council appoints all members and any alternates.

    Under penalties of perjury, I declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the information stated above is true, correct, and complete, and selecting this check box is also equal to my signature.

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