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Posted on: March 23, 2020

Prevent Clogged Drains - Don't Flush Wipes

Dont flush wipes

Toilet Flushing - Do’s and Don’ts

To better control our amazing toilets, try these tips to help you stay healthy and keep our City of Tolleson sewer systems in fully operational condition:

The only things that should go into the toilet are body fluids and your toilet paper. There is no such thing as “flushable” wipes regardless of what it may say on the wipe container.

If you use wipes put the soiled ones in a covered trash container with a plastic bag inside. Then transfer them to the main trash when they are full or just too gross. Wipes in your plumbing may accumulate and cause a stoppage: wipes keep plumbers happy when you pay hundreds of dollars to have your pipes snaked to clear the wipes blockage. 

Kitchen sink garbage disposals also put a load on your pipes. “Garbage” should go in the garbage can; not in the sink via a garbage disposal. To avoid future kitchen plumbing bills, remove or unplug your garbage disposal unit. Put food garbage in the trash not down the drain. 

Wipes that make it to the City of Tolleson public sewer pipes can clog them. Public sewer clogs require a city crew with very expensive industrial equipment to clear. The City of Tolleson wastewater treatment plant pumps and screens can also become clogged with wipes. 

When in doubt, throw it out: don’t flush it.

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