Interlibrary Loans

Questions Answers 
Who can use Interlibrary Loan?
Anyone with a current Tolleson Public Library card and less than $10 in fees can place an interlibrary loan request. 
What types of materials can I request through Interlibrary Loan?
You can request books published a year ago or longer. Books published within the past year, VHS tapes, DVDs and CDs (including audiobooks) are not available through this service.
How do I place a request?
Requests may be placed in person or by calling the Tolleson Public Library.
How many requests can I have in at one time?
You may have six (6) active requests at one time. Active requests include those requests in the searching process as well as those that have arrived and are in your possession.
How long does it take to get materials through interlibrary Loan?
A minimum of seven to eight weeks. The actual length of time depends the delivery time required to receive a book from the lending library. 
How much does Interlibrary loan cost?
Tolleson Public Library does not charge for interlibrary loan services and is able to fill most requests through other non-charging libraries. Some libraries, however, do charge fees of $15 or more. These costs are passed on to the borrower.
What is the fine for overdue interlibrary loan items?
The fine for overdue interlibrary loan items is $2.00 per item, per day.
Customers who have interlibrary loan items that are overdue will not be able to check out or renew Tolleson Public Library materials.
What happens if I lose or damage my interlibrary loan item?
If you lose or damage an interlibrary loan item, you will be responsible for paying any charges made by the lending library.
What is the check out period for interlibrary loan items?
The due date is based on the due date assigned by the loaning library, which varies. This means that you could pick up two interlibrary loan items on the same day and each item would have a different due date.
How can I check the status of my interlibrary loan requests? You can check the status of your interlibrary loan requests by calling the Tolleson Public Library.
How will I be notified that my materials are ready for pick up?
When your request an Interlibrary loan, you will be asked how you prefer to receive notification from our library; via email, text or phone.